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Down The Rabbit Hole” says adventure, confusion, surrealism and psychedelics, which has been an inspiration for (psycho) rockers, DJs, artists, designers and filmmakers ever since the rise of the pop culture in the uncurbed 1960s… Good company, so get ready to tumble… It’s A Campingflight Down The Rabbit Hole!

And we will go down collectively, so be prepared. A frontrunner line-up on the stages and equal measures of thrill in and around those tents. It’s your party too, so: spin a record, cook a meal, build a raft, hip a hop. We’re out and we’re loose. But let’s party in a sustainable way: we’ll keep it green & clean. We have all the time in the world, there’s no rush. Take your time to dine, go meditate in the forest, lie down in the green pasture, swim for a bit, help build the tower, strum by the campfire, discover hidden discos… Have a ball with brand-new bands or finally see that classic artist in full swing. Build your own party and celebrate, enjoy what you do, all with an open mind.

What exactly we will do from 24 to 26 June 2016 is still a surprise… but grab your snorkel and let’s tumble down. It will take three days before we come up; there’s no one-day trip Down The Rabbit Hole. Bring your tent or camper to De Groene Heuvels in Beuningen (in the province of Gelderland) or make reservations later this year for another place to sleep, such as a bungalow or gypsy wagon or army tent… In short, pick your very own favourite hole.

Down The Rabbit Hole, where you are who you are when no one can see you.

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