Riverdance, The 20th Anniversary Tour
Twenty years after their breakthrough during the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin in 1994, Riverdance returns to the Netherlands. The Irish dance show was described by the Irish Times as "The Original...The Best". Riverdance has danced over 10.000 performances. Worldwide, spread over 350 venues in 45 countries in 6 continents, 23 million people have seen the live theater.

"The worldwide success of Riverdance has exceeded our wildest expectations," says producer and co-founder Moya Doherty. "The fact that the show still manages to attract audience and knows how to ravish is a tribute to all the dancers, singers, musicians, staff and crew members who have made efforts for the show. This 20th Anniversary Tour is a thank you to our audience and a celebration of what past two decades has been an incredible journey. "

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