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17 jun

Veemarktstraat 44 5038 CV Tilburg

Start verkoop:
Start za, 17/12/16 10:00

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Event info

Event info

VIP package does include a ticket to the show.

All packages are NON-TRANSFERABLE; NO CUSTOMER NAME CHANGES will be permitted under any circumstances. You will receive an email from Warner Music Group approximately 48-72hrs before the performance date with instructions regarding the Meet & Greet. All programs & times may vary date-to-date and are subject to modification at any time for any reason however, the Meet & Greet will take place prior to the advertised time of doors. Laminates are for commemorative purposes only. The laminate does not gain or authorise access into the venue, VIP or any backstage areas. All merchandise to be collected from the venue on the night of the show. If you have questions regarding the package or have not received your instructions in the timeframe indicated, please contact Warner Music Group by emailing:

Main Stage
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Promotor van dit event:
013, Veemarktstraat 44, 5038 CV, Tilburg, Nederland

Ticketlimiet per klant is: 10
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