You love music, and you don’t even want to think about losing or damaging your hearing. That’s why you should protect your ears with the PartyPlug from Alpine. These plugs comfortably protect your ears against sound, while making sure you continue to hear the music clearly. This lets you enjoy your favourite artist in a safe and carefree way!

PartyPlug €15,90

Shipping costs included

PartyPlug Pro Natural

If you regularly attend concerts and festivals, we recommend the PartyPlug Pro Natural earplugs. The AlpineThermoShapeTM material easily shapes itself to the ear canal. This leads to a perfect damping of the sound, without feeling pressure on the ears or giving the sense of being shut off from the world. These earplugs are easy to clean and long-lasting.

PartyPlug Pro Natural €32,90

Shipping costs included

Pluggies Kids

Everyone’s ears are sensitive, but the most sensitive are those of children. Did you know that one out of eight children risks permanent hearing loss? Don’t expose the tender ears of children to unnecessary loud noise. Use the Alpine Pluggies Kids, earplugs specially designed for children aged three years and up.

Pluggies Kids €15,90

Shipping costs included


Another way to protect a child’s ears is by using the Alpine Muffy. These are earmuffs with an adjustable strap, coated with soft material. The adjustability ensures that the Muffy fits perfectly on every child’s head and ‘grows along’ with the child. The Alpine Muffy earmuffs are suitable for children of all ages.

Muffy €29,90

Shipping costs included