Fan Guarantee – extra service for fans

Ticketmaster always offers you the certainty of a safe and reliable ticket purchasing process. Now we’re giving you an even better experience when you buy your tickets, with Fan Guarantee. This service allows you to cancel or exchange your ticket.

We give you one day to change your mind

Our tickets are fully refundable for 24 hours after your purchase. This is possible if the event is taking place more than two weeks in the future. *

*Conditions apply

Complete form to apply for a refund

We'll exchange your tickets if you find better ones.

If you happen to find better seats after buying your tickets, you can swap or upgrade your original tickets for equal or higher priced ones for the same show or event.*

Call us on 0900-300 1255.

*Conditions apply

How to know if an event has Fan Guarantee

Not all events on Ticketmaster offer Fan Guarantee. The events that do have this service have a Fan Guarantee banner in the confirmation email after you order your tickets. That’s how you’ll recognise a Fan Guarantee event.

* Requirements

» VIP Tickets, Platinum Tickets, premium tickets and tickets ordered at an auction or on a ticket resale website are not covered by the 24-hour grace period.
» You may exchange one transaction per event.
» Tickets can only be exchanged or upgraded by calling our contact centre.
» Tickets purchased at a physical point of sale such as Primera cannot be exchanged.
» Tickets can only be cancelled within 24 hours after purchase by filling out the digital form.