What are Platinum Tickets?

Platinum Tickets give fans the opportunity to purchase the most in demand tickets to an event, at a market-driven price.

A number of the tickets is set aside for this purpose by the artist or promoter. These tickets provide the fans guaranteed access to the areas that are most in demand at the time of purchasing. Platinum Tickets are offered for sale via Ticketmaster and are authentic, original tickets.

Extras such as hospitality or merchandise are not included in the price of a Platinum Ticket.

How does it work?

The prices are dynamic and are set in real-time based on variables of supply and demand – similar to how ticketing works in the hotel and airfare industries.

The purpose of Platinum Tickets is to offer the most dedicated fans access to a particular event.

At the same time, the system also allows the artist and everyone involved in organising the event to charge a price for admission that is closer to the actual, current market value of the event.