Cancelled events

No one likes this, but sometimes an organizer has no other option but to reschedule or even cancel an event. This is a pain for all parties involved and everything will be done to prevent it, but in some cases there are no other options. You have tickets for a rescheduled or cancelled event? In such cases you can ask for a refund.

What to do?

First it depends on how you purchased your ticket. If you bought them via our call center or website, you can request a refund online. If you bought the tickets via our call center: please provide your bank account number.

You bought the tickets at one of our outlets? Then please send your tickets to us by post along with the bank account number to which we may transfer the refund. You may send this to:

Ticketmaster Customer Service
Antwoordnummer 18430
2501WK Den Haag
No stamp needed!

Suggestion: Make a copy of your tickets, just in case your envelope goes missing in the mail.

Has the event (for which you have tickets) been moved to a different date, time or location? Then please click here for more info.


Overview of cancelled events