Please only contact Mandema & Partners if you have purchased cancellation insurance with your tickets and would like to submit a claim.

Enquiries other than claims will not be processed by Mandema & Partners and will be immediately discarded. If you do have another question for us, click here.

If you would like to submit a claim, follow the instructions on this page.

Please note: cancellations related to terrorist threats are not covered by the cancellation insurance.

Terms and Conditions cancellation insurance

Insurance Company

Mandema & Partners


Please use this form for your claim. Fill in this form completely and truthfully and please don’t forget to sign it and to add your tickets and some evidence.

Insured party

The persons having a valid cancellation policy in combination with a valid ticket.

Insured interest(s)

Ticket (purchase amount exclusive of service charges, additional costs and premium) purchased by the insured party.

01. Coverage
  • death, serious illness or severe accident-related injuries of an insured party, provided this has been medically established by the attending doctor/specialist;
  • death, serious illness or severe accident-related injuries of a relative by blood and/or affinity in the first or second degree, provided this occurs within 60 days prior to the originally planned commencement date of the event and this has been medically established by the attending doctor/specialist;
  • the occurrence of unforeseeable complications during the pregnancy of the insured party, his wife or the person with whom the insured party is permanently living together (as evidenced by a statement from the population register);
  • severe damage to property as a result of fire, explosion, burglary or a natural force, which affects the property of an insured party or the company where the insured party is employed (both in the Netherlands), to such an extent that his/her presence is urgently required;
  • irretrievable breakdown of the insured party’s marriage, due to which divorce proceedings have been initiated; irretrievable breakdown of the marriage shall be deemed equal to the dissolution of a cohabitation contract executed before a civil-law notary;
  • theft, embezzlement or loss of, or total loss damage to, the vehicle to be used for the trip to the event (exclusive of rental cars) as a result of collision, fire or explosion within 14 days prior to the commencement date of the trip.
02. Commencement date of contract

After the purchase of a valid cancellation policy together with a valid ticket.

03. Terminate the insurance agreement

If the insured party has purchased the Cancellation Insurance as a consumer online or by Phone, the insured party can terminate the insurance agreement withing 14 calenderdays, without any costs or explanation. The insured party should contact the customer service within 14 calendardays, from the first working day after receiving the confirmation from Mandema & Partners to do so, quoting the number of the Cancellation Insurance which is received during the purchase. This right to terminate does not apply when the Cancellation Insurance is purchased within 30 days before the date of the event, which is stated on the purchased Ticket to which the Cancellation Insurance relates.

04. Expiry date of the contract

At the start of the event (= the time of commencement stated on the ticket) to which the cancellation policy, together with the ticket, relates.
Cancellation or rescheduling/relocating of the event for which the cancellation insurance has been purchased. In both cases the costs for the cancellation insurance aren’t refunded.

05. Additional Terms and Conditions


Mandema & Partners shall not owe any compensation for damage, expenses or accidents caused by, originating from, occurring in the event of, or resulting from:
1.1 intentional act or gross negligence of the insured party or parties;
1.2 armed conflict, civil war, rebellion, internal civil commotion, riots, mutiny and requisition as defined in the text filed by the Federation of Insurers in the Netherlands at the Court Registry of the Hague District Court on 2 November 1981;
1.3 atomic nuclear reactions, irrespective of their origin;
1.4 a chemical, biological, biochemical or electromagnetic weapon;
1.5 terrorism, malicious contagion or preventive measures;
1.6 acts or conduct in preparation of terrorism, malicious contagion or preventive measures.

Obligations of the insured party

As soon as the insured party is aware of an event that may result in a payment obligation for Mandema & Partners, he/she is obliged:
2.1 to inform Mandema & Partners of the event, if possible in writing, as soon as possible but no later than within 3 x 24 hours (not including Sundays and public holidays) and to cancel the tickets. The notification must also state the cause of – or the circumstance under which – the event took place.
2.2 to provide Mandema & Partners as soon as possible with all the information and documents desired and forward them in the form requested by Mandema & Partners, consisting of at least a fully completed claim form, a valid ticket and a valid cancellation policy including an original stub to be attached and supporting documents like a doctor’s certificate (if applicable), police report (if applicable) and an extract from the population register.
2.3 to fully cooperate with Mandema & Partners and refrain from doing anything that may prejudice the interests of Mandema & Partners;
2.4 to take all reasonable measures in order to avoid or limit any costs within the meaning of this insurance;
2.5 to give an expert the opportunity to assess the damage before any repair or destruction (including disappearance) takes place;
2.6 to report it to the police as soon as possible if there is a suspicion of an offence being committed, in which the insured interest is involved.

Non-compliance with obligations

Mandema & Partners shall not be liable to pay if the insured party does not comply with an obligation stipulated in the terms and conditions, or if there is a circumstance which is covered and foreseeable at the time of the purchase, unless he/she demonstrates that he/she cannot be blamed for that and that the interests of Mandema & Partners are not affected by it. If the insured party intentionally makes a wrong, incorrect or incomplete statement and/or representation, he/she shall no longer be entitled to any payment.

Other insurances

Mandema & Partners shall not owe any compensation for damage or expenses that are covered under any other insurance or provision, irrespective of whether these are of a prior date. Payments by virtue of the accident insurance are not included in this clause.

Term of forfeiture

If Mandema & Partners has taken a final position with regard to a claim of a party entitled under the insurance, either through (an offer of) payment by way of final settlement, or by rejecting a claim, all rights against Mandema & Partners with regard to the damage event on which the claim was based shall lapse after one year, to be calculated from the day that the entitled party or his/her representative was informed of this position, unless the entitled party contested the position of Mandema & Partners within that period.

Premium payment

The insured party shall owe the premium upon purchase of the ticket together with the cancellation policy, or upon the purchase of the cancellation policy afterwards, as the case may be. Mandema & Partners shall never be obliged to refund a premium.

  • Dutch law shall apply to the agreements of indemnity insurance concluded between Mandema & Partners and private insured parties.
  • A privacy agreement is applicable to the personal data our company includes in the registration of persons.

Relatives by blood and affinity

These relatives shall include only and exclusively:

  • First degree: the husband or wife, the parents, parents-in-law or foster parents, own children, as well as foster children and/or stepchildren of the insured party. The husband or wife shall also be understood to mean the person with whom the insured party is permanently living together or with whom the insured party has entered into a cohabitation contract.
  • Second degree: the brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, grandparents and grandchildren of the insured party.


A sudden, unexpected, external force affecting the person of the insured party, which directly causes bodily harm to be established by a doctor and results in death or temporary or permanent disability of the insured party. An accident shall also be understood to include:
a. acute poisoning as a result of sudden, unintentional inhaling or swallowing of gas, vapours, liquid or solid substances, other than poisoning by use of medicines and inhaling or swallowing allergens;
b. infection by germs or allergic reaction, if this infection or reaction is a direct consequence of an unintentional fall into the water or in any other substance, or is the result of entering the water or other substance in order to make an attempt to rescue a human, animal or goods;
c. the sudden and unintentional ingestion of substances or objects in the digestive tract, the bronchial tubes, the eyes or ears, causing internal injury, with the exception of the ingestion of germs or allergens;
d. sprain, dislocation and rupture of muscular and connective tissue, provided that these injuries have arisen suddenly and their nature and location can be established by a doctor;
e. suffocation, drowning, freezing, sunstroke, heat stroke, exhaustion, starvation, dehydration and sunburn as a result of unforeseen circumstances;
g. wound infection or blood poisoning as a result of germs contaminating an injury caused by a covered accident;
h. complications or worsening of the injury caused by a covered accident as a direct consequence of first aid or of the medical treatment that has become necessary as a result of that accident.

Exclusions with regard to the risk of accidents

Mandema & Partners shall not be liable to pay for:
a. accidents caused by intentional act or with the approval of the insured party or any other party interested in the payment;
b. accidents in connection with the insured party committing a crime or participating in a crime, or any attempt to do so;
c. accidents as a consequence of a risky enterprise in which the insured party recklessly risked his life or person, unless this risky enterprise was reasonably necessary for the proper performance of his profession, in the event of rightful self-defence or attempts to rescue him/herself, others, animals or goods;
d. accidents caused as a result of a sickly condition or as a result of physical or mental abnormalities of the insured party;
e. psychological disorders, irrespective of their cause, unless it can be medically demonstrated that they are a direct result of the brain damage caused by a covered accident;
f. accidents that could occur due to being under the influence of drinks containing alcohol, unless it is demonstrated that the insured party had less than 0.008 percent of alcohol in his/her blood at the time of the accident;
g. accidents the cause of which is in any way related to the use of, or addiction to, intoxicants, stimulants or similar substances unless they are used in accordance with a doctor’s prescription and the insured party has followed the instructions for use;
h. hernia inguinalis (rupture), lumbago, ruptured intervertebral disk (hernia nuclei pulposi), tendovaginitis crepitans, muscle spraining, whiplash, periathritis humerocapularis, tennis-elbow (epicondylitis lateralis), or golfer's arm (epicondylitis medialis);
i. the consequences of the medical treatment undergone by the insured party, without there being any connection with a covered accident which made this treatment necessary;
j. accidents that occurred to the insured party as the driver of a motorcycle with a cylinder capacity of at least 50cc, if the insured party has not yet reached the age of 23;
k. accidents relating to the use of a power plane, other than as a passenger;
l. accidents that are the result of:

  • making treks on glaciers, unless under the supervision of a reputable guide;
  • mountaineering;
  • participating in, and training for, competitions with motor vehicles, motorboats and motorbikes, if the speed factor is predominant in these competitions.

Group reservations

In the event of a reservation for a group (made by a natural person or a legal entity), only those who were exposed to the insured event, or those who are otherwise qualified as entitled parties, shall be entitled to compensation, provided that these entitled parties are also in the possession of a valid cancellation policy.