Purchase policy

Ticketmaster’s policy is focused on assisting you as efficiently, securely and quickly as possible in obtaining tickets to the event of your choice. Should you have any questions regarding this policy, please get in touch with us. Please also read the General Terms and Conditions that can be found on our website.

01. Payment options
Ticketmaster accepts various methods of payment. If you are ordering online, you can make your payment with Eurocard/Mastercard, VISA, American Express or iDEAL (Internet banking via ABN-AMRO Bank, Rabobank, SNS Bank, Frieslandbank, ING Bank, ASN Bank, Regio Bank and Triodos). For online payments, a standard percentage is charged for administration costs. Our website is secure, ruling out the possibility of any misuse of your details. If you do not have access to any of these payment options, you can still buy tickets from one of our direct sales locations or reserve a ticket by calling 0900-3001250 (60 cent/min). When you reserve your ticket you can indicate whether you would like to pick up the tickets at a sales location or pay by transferring the due amount and have the tickets sent to you.
02. Prices and Availability
Ticketmaster sells tickets on behalf of event organisers. This means that it is the event organiser and not Ticketmaster that determines the ticket price. The organiser also determines which seats are sold. Tickets are typically sold through multiple distribution channels, such as the Internet, a call centre 0900-3001250 (60 cent/min), the larger Tourist Information Offices (VVV-kantoren) and presales locations nationwide. Click here for a list of sales locations.
All distribution channels work with the same reservation system, meaning popular events can be sold out very quickly. In exceptional circumstances, additional tickets may become available at a later point in time, but Ticketmaster has no influence on this.
03. Service costs explained

During the ordering process, service costs, and in some cases transaction costs, are added for each order, as well as delivery costs. The amount of these service costs is determined in consultation with the promoter and depends on various costs that must be covered, and is also proportionate to the ticket price. The amount of the service costs can therefore differ from event holder to event holder.
The service costs cover, among other things, the system costs, data communication costs, costs of the secured ticket (where applicable), sales costs, administration costs, customer service costs, bank costs (where not calculated separately in the transaction costs) and entry check costs.
In the case of transaction costs for iDEAL and credit card payments, the consumer is not charged directly, but rather the operator (in this case Ticketmaster). These costs can be passed on to the consumer by the operator, whereby Ticketmaster may choose, in consultation with the organiser, to show these costs separately or to include these costs in the service costs. The delivery costs may also be shown separately or included in the service costs.

The total amount of your reservation is therefore composed of four elements:
- Ticket price (per ticket)
- Service costs (per ticket)
- Transaction costs (per transaction, only where these costs are not included in the service costs)
- Delivery costs (per transaction, only where these costs are not included in the service costs)

The service costs, transaction costs and delivery costs are part of the total order and go towards determining the total amount.

04. Cancelled or postponed events
An organiser has the right to postpone or cancel an event. For the relevant conditions, we would like to refer you to the General Terms and Conditions of the event organiser. If an event is postponed, tickets generally speaking remain valid for the replacement event. Should you (in the case of a postponed event) not be available to attend the event on the rescheduled date, or should the event be cancelled, Ticketmaster shall, in accordance with the policy of the relevant organiser, endeavour to ensure that the price of your ticket is returned to you from the organiser as soon as possible. Service and administration costs shall not be refunded. If an event is cancelled or suspended, Ticketmaster shall do its best to inform you of this as quickly as possible by email. We cannot however guarantee that you will be informed before the start of the event and shall not be held accountable for any costs that may be incurred as a result of this. Always use a valid email address when reserving your ticket.
05. Damaged tickets
Always check prior to confirming your reservation that you are reserving the desired tickets. Ticketmaster is not permitted to accept or exchange returned tickets. Should your ticket be damaged such that its authenticity can no longer be checked, please get in touch with us. If there is any doubt as to the correctness of the details that you have provided when placing your order, Ticketmaster may get in touch with you using the information you have provided. If Ticketmaster cannot reach you and the details can therefore not be checked, Ticketmaster may proceed to cancel the reservation and sell the tickets to another customer. Tickets are sent to the address provided when you made your order. In case of large orders, the tickets are sent in a registered parcel.
06. Ordering period via the website and call centre
Ticketmaster stops selling tickets to events 9 days before they are scheduled to take place to ensure that there is sufficient time for the tickets to arrive at the provided address by mail. You can still reserve tickets up to 2 days prior to the event by contacting the call centre. Sales via our sales locations generally continue up until the time at which the event begins.
07. Security measures
The website is SSL-secured (Secure Socket Layer technology). Your payment details are encrypted, which ensures that they are protected against misuse. For your online payment we make use of payment methods that are approved by banking institutions.
08. How to update your customer details
You can register on our website by creating an account. With this account you can place online orders that upon payment are sent to the address provided. By logging in with your account you can update your personal details, view online orders and (un)subscribe for the TicketAlert service.
09. Number of tickets per customer
The number of tickets that can be bought by a single customer depends on the event in question. The maximum number of tickets is indicated on the ordering page and is checked for each transaction. This policy is designed to prevent misuse.